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  • Leones, Tiffany; Kamdar, Danae; Huynh, Kayla; Gedney, Melissa; Dominguez, Ximena (Digital Promise, 2021-06)
    This report, prepared for The Jim Henson Company, shares findings of a sub-study investigating the types of support parents and caregivers need when navigating and using the second-screen Splash and Bubbles for Parents ...
  • Dominguez, Ximena; Rood, Elizabeth; Kamdar, Danae; Leones, Tiffany; Huynh, Kayla (Digital Promise, 2021-06)
    This report prepared for The Jim Henson Company shares findings of a field study examining the promise of the Splash and Bubbles for Parents app, a second-screen digital resource designed for parents and caregivers to ...
  • Hardy, Angela; Bakhshaei, Mahsa (Digital Promise, 2021-05)
    Districts are increasingly investing in coaching programs to improve teacher practice and student outcomes. However, merely providing schools with the funding for a coaching position is not enough. To maximize the return ...
  • Bakhshaei, Mahsa; Hardy, Angela (Digital Promise, 2021-05)
    When school administrators support instructional coaching, it is more likely to be effective in improving teacher practice. Building teacher buy-in, promoting awareness of the coach’s non-evaluative role, ensuring coaches ...
  • Means, Barbara; Peters, Vanessa; Neisler, Julie; Wiley, Korah; Griffiths, Rebecca (Digital Promise, 2021-03)
    The abrupt transition to remote instruction in response to COVID-19 posed significant challenges for both students and instructors. This report provides data on the prevalence of the different kinds of challenges college ...

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