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Onboarding and Education Design Principles for Learning and Employment Records
(Digital Promise, 2023-09) Malliron Hodge; Zohal Shah; Marika Patterson; Christina Luke Luna, Ph.D.
This report represents another installment in our Learning and Employment Records (LERs) series, where we explored the unique challenges and opportunities that learners encounter when familiarizing themselves with LER technology. As the paradigm shifts towards skills-based hiring and career advancement gains momentum, it becomes imperative for technologies like LERs to provide a transparent, user-friendly, and accessible onboarding experience. Digital Promise collaborated closely with historically and systematically excluded (HSE) adult learners and workers, including those facing economic hardship and multilingual learners, to establish a set of onboarding design principles. These principles are designed to ensure that LERs are crafted in ways that actively engage a diverse range of users.
Improving Access to Interactive, Mother-Tongue Digital Science Content for Early Grade Learners in Rural Haiti
(Digital Promise & Blue Butterfly Collaborative, 2023-09) April Williamson; Suzanne Cole
Digital Promise and Blue Butterfly - along with our partners, Anseye Pou Ayiti (APA), Summits Education/Model School Network (MSN), Education Development Center (EDC), and Learning Equality - are implementing a blended learning pilot program in primary schools in rural Haiti. Our model aims to implement an active, learner-centered approach in Haitian classrooms through (i) development and delivery of culturally relevant, mother-tongue digital content; (ii) strategic use of technology; and (iii) integrated professional development focused on pedagogy, content knowledge, and technology. We are using Learning Equality’s open-source Kolibri learning platform to deliver Eksploratoryòm, Blue Butterfly’s locally developed, Haitian-Creole science education series. The Eksploratoryòm series promotes early literacy and social-emotional learning skills by encouraging children to engage with fun, interactive science audio and visuals. Kolibri is also designed for offline or low-bandwidth settings and optimized for a variety of low-cost and legacy devices. By improving the capabilities of Haitian teachers through local training and coaching; expanding the availability of culturally relevant, standards-aligned, Haitian-Creole digital content; and improving access to electricity, devices, and connectivity for Haitian schools, we aim to provide Haitian students quality and continuous education that is a pathway to economic opportunity, wellbeing, and agency.
Exploring ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence: What do you need to know?
(Digital Promise, 2023-08) Judi Fusco; Menko Johnson
Tensions and Reflections on Researcher-Educator Co-design of Future-oriented Research Questions that Center Equity
(Digital Promise, 2023-08) Deblina Pakhira; Debshila Basu Mallick; Marianne Bakia
In this presentation, we will identify the tensions and reflect on the process of co-designing future-oriented research questions that center equity with educators and researchers. Participants will learn about the value of this community-building exercise that helps envision research that is highly relevant to educational problems of practice. Three key learnings highlight (1) research question co-design is a valuable community-building exercise as well as an important way to move the work of research closer to practice, (2) the importance of including practitioner voice to acknowledge problems of practice, and (3) although the research questions generated are future-oriented they are thematically current. During the session, participants will have the opportunity to engage in informal conversations and co-design research questions.