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  • Hardy, Angela; Bakhshaei, Mahsa (Digital Promise, 2021-05)
    Districts are increasingly investing in coaching programs to improve teacher practice and student outcomes. However, merely providing schools with the funding for a coaching position is not enough. To maximize the return ...
  • Bakhshaei, Mahsa; Hardy, Angela (Digital Promise, 2021-05)
    When school administrators support instructional coaching, it is more likely to be effective in improving teacher practice. Building teacher buy-in, promoting awareness of the coach’s non-evaluative role, ensuring coaches ...
  • Means, Barbara; Peters, Vanessa; Neisler, Julie; Wiley, Korah; Griffiths, Rebecca (Digital Promise, 2021-03)
    The abrupt transition to remote instruction in response to COVID-19 posed significant challenges for both students and instructors. This report provides data on the prevalence of the different kinds of challenges college ...
  • Digital Promise (Digital Promise, 2021-03)
    The Powerful Learning with Computational Thinking report explains how the Digital Promise team works with districts, schools, and teachers to make computational thinking ideas more concrete to practitioners for teaching, ...
  • Coenraad, Merijke; Hodge, Malliron; Ruiz, Pati; Mills, Kelly; Burke, Quinn (Center for Inclusive Innovation, Digital Promise, 2021)
    This interview protocol includes five steps to conduct an empathy interview. In the Empathize Phase of designing an inclusive computing pathway, empathy interviews are conducted. Empathy interviews allow you to hear the ...

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