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  • Ruiz, Pati; Richard, Eleanor; Chillmon, Carly; Shah, Zohal; Kurth, Adam; Fekete, Andy; Glazer, Kip; Pattenhouse, Megan; Fusco, Judi; Fennelly-Atkinson, Rita; Lin, Lin; Arriola, Sheryl; Lockett, David; Crawford-Meyer, Valerie; Karim, Sana; Hampton, Sarah; Beckford, Belinda (Digital Promise, 2022-10)
    The Emerging Technology Adoption Framework was created with education community members to help ensure that educational leaders, technology specialists, teachers, students, and families are all part of the evaluation and ...
  • Jackson, Tanner; Pakhira, Deblina; Narayanan, Arun Balajiee Lekshmi; Ruiz, Pati; Fusco, Judi; Glazer, Kip; Eaglin, Phillip; Eguchi, Amy (CIRCLS, 2021-09)
    Recent shifts in the delivery of learning experiences have accelerated the importance of emerging technologies in schools and classrooms. The urgency for educators to become familiar with emerging technologies such as ...



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