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  • Noakes, Sierra; Modica, Allison; Palazzolo, Kristyn (Digital Promise, 2022-02)
    In the face of a worldwide pandemic, educators rose to the challenge of engaging students and families remotely to not only continue learning but also to provide as much normalcy as possible at a time of chaos and uncertainty. ...
  • Bakhshaei, Mahsa; Hardy, Angela; Francisco, Aubrey; Noakes, Sierra; Fusco, Judi (Digital Promise, 2018)
    Research findings suggest that instructional technology coaching may be a critical lever in closing the gap in the usage of technology, sometimes referred to as the digital use divide. In the 2017-2018 school year, we ...
  • Noakes, Sierra (Digital Promise, 2019-09)
    Today, we know more than ever about how people learn through advances in learning sciences research. We also know, through research, that people learn differently. By incorporating learning sciences research findings in ...
  • Van Nostrand, Parker; Noakes, Sierra; Shah, Zohal; Luke Luna, Christina (Digital Promise, 2022-02)
    This report discusses why education leaders should leverage an edtech product’s research-basis to determine the quality of the tool. Through survey results and five product case study interviews, we examine the importance ...
  • Luke, Christina; Noakes, Sierra; Francisco, Aubrey (Digital Promise, 2017)
  • Constantakis, Patti; Noakes, Sierra (Digital Promise, 2019-01)
    Frontline workers are the workers who deal directly with customers and deliver services. While some workers do pursue educational advancement opportunities, completion and relevance are lacking. Access to the right data ...
  • Noakes, Sierra (Digital Promise, 2018)



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