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    Breaking With the Past: Embracing Digital Transformation in Education
    (Digital Promise, 2023-04) Jean-Claude Brizard
    Today's businesses know that driving innovation is integral to succeeding not just in the present, but more importantly in the decades to come. Through the years, the innovation of digital technologies has transformed entire industries. Now it’s time to put those technologies to use and apply that same mentality to transform our schools. We need digital transformation of teaching and learning at scale across the United States. This report examines how the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning compares to more learner-centered, personalized frameworks; why we need to transition to them at scale; and how digital technologies can enable that scaling.
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    Delivering on the Promise of Digital Equity
    (Digital Promise, 2022-12) Weaver, D'Andre J.
    Digital knowledge and skills are needed to fully participate in the society and economy of the United States. The historic $65 billion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act represents a significant federal investment in advancing digital equity and inclusion, and an opportunity to make lasting change in communities across the country. This report proposes solutions to strategically use that funding to advance digital equity and inclusion. We recommend nine “big plays” that districts and states can make to that end, including building and sustaining infrastructure, strengthening teachers’ digital skills, and deeply engaging underrepresented communities.