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    Socratic Circles: Building Tools for Racial Equity Classroom and Community Discourse
    (Digital Promise, 2023-11) Alexandra Merritt Johnson; Kristian Lenderman
    This report details how Reynoldsburg City Schools utilized the Inclusive Innovation model to introduce an innovative Open Educational Resource, Socratic Circles, designed to assist teachers in guiding discussions on racial and social justice in the classroom. These OER will be accessible to educators who are inspired by this work and interested in incorporating Socratic Circles into their classrooms. This report also offers insights from members of Reynoldsburg City Schools’ Inclusive Innovation Core Team on how they applied the Core Tenets of Inclusive Innovation throughout their process.
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    Hidden in Plain Sight: The Opportunity to Bridge District Equity Gaps by Fostering Collaborations with BIPOC Solution Providers
    (Digital Promise, 2023-10) Alexandra Merritt Johnson, Ph.D.; Sherenna Bates; Kimberly Smith
    Despite extensive educational reform efforts, social position and identity continue to affect the academic success of historically and systematically excluded students in the United States. To address this, it is imperative to involve BIPOC communities in the creation and selection of education solutions aimed at reducing this inequity. Although BIPOC solution providers possess the expertise and innovative solutions required to meet HSE students’ needs, they often encounter barriers that limit their access to districts and education markets. To bridge this gap, Digital Promise’s Center for Inclusive Innovation has introduced two innovative approaches: Learning Salons and Solution Showcases. Learning Salons facilitate collaboration and engagement between BIPOC solution providers and district leaders, addressing specific challenges faced by HSE students. Solution Showcases offer an event where district leaders can explore teaching and learning solutions designed by BIPOC providers. This report focuses on the experiences and perspectives of BIPOC solution providers and district leaders navigating the education landscape and highlights their insights from Learning Salons and Solution Showcases. It also highlights factors to consider in overcoming barriers to partnerships between districts and BIPOC solution providers.
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    Recruitment and Retention: Pilot Solutions Designed by Teachers of Color (Phase I)
    (Digital Promise, 2023-02) Bland, Jennifer; Smith, Kimberly
    This report profiles five public PreK-12 learning education agencies across the U.S. that participated in the Digital Promise Center for Inclusive Innovation Teacher of Color Recruitment and Retention cohort and utilized the Inclusive Innovation model to create and launch locally contextualized programs designed by teachers of color.
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    Inclusive Innovation: Increasing Recruitment and Retention of Teachers of Color
    (Digital Promise, 2021-01) Gold, Thomas
    To address the inequities in the teaching workforce and the importance of ensuring all students experience learning from diverse teacher perspectives, Digital Promise launched an initiative to engage teachers of color in developing solutions to improve the recruitment and retention of teachers of color. This report summarizes observations and learnings from design studios and a culminating showcase.
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    Empathy Interviews for Developing Inclusive Computing Pathways
    (Center for Inclusive Innovation, Digital Promise, 2021) Coenraad, Merijke; Hodge, Malliron; Ruiz, Pati; Mills, Kelly; Burke, Quinn
    This interview protocol includes five steps to conduct an empathy interview. In the Empathize Phase of designing an inclusive computing pathway, empathy interviews are conducted. Empathy interviews allow you to hear the stories and experiences of someone who will use what you are designing and learn about their realities, in this case, a student.
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    Designing a Process for Inclusive Innovation: A Radical Commitment to Equity
    (Digital Promise, 2019-11-06) Angevine, Colin; Cator, Karen; Liberman, Babe; Smith, Kim; Young, Viki
    This paper starts from the premise that missing from existing education R&D is a radical commitment to equity. The paper presents Inclusive Innovation, a model that reimagines authority, decision-making, and risk in the context of education R&D and provides an overarching framework for authentically engaging underrepresented stakeholders at the earliest stages and shifting their roles to leaders, participants, and beneficiaries. The power of Inclusive Innovation is that it doesn’t just invite underrepresented voices and perspectives into the innovation ecosystem; it places them at the center of it.