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  • Unknown author (Digital Promise, 2016)
    Teachers have long known that students learn differently, and learn more or less, depending on various instructional approaches. They have used this understanding to personalize learning as much as is possible in classrooms ...
  • Pape, Barbara (2018)
    School systems that use a one-size- ts-all model continue to under-serve nearly all of their students. These schools prepare young people for an industrial world that no longer exists. Rigid class structures are the norm. ...
  • Pape, Barbara (Digital Promise, 2019-05)
    Learning in the 21st Century is the first in a series of surveys we plan to conduct to explore how teachers, parents, and the general public view learning and what impacts learning in order to help students reach their potential.
  • Tare, Medha; Nobles, Susanne; Xiao, Wendy (Digital Promise, 2018-03)
    Over the past several decades, the student population in the United States has grown more diverse by factors including race, socioeconomic status, primary language spoken at home, and learning differences. At the same time, ...
  • Pape, Barbara; Vander Ark, Tom (Digital Promise, 2018)
    The convergence of growing classroom diversity, learning sciences research, sophistication of technology, and 21st- century job requirements in a global market could put America’s education system on track for personalizing ...
  • Unknown author (Digital Promise, 2017)
    If you search online for what personalized learning is, you’ll find dozens of definitions.This lack of a common language to describe an emerging idea can hamper understanding, acceptance, and effective implementation. ...
  • Sheppard, Shannon (Digital Promise, 2017)
    To meet the growth in learner diversity in today’s classroom, a new paradigm for improving the precision and accuracy of “personalization” is critical to address the needs of students who are held back by traditional ...



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