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  • Angevine, Colin; Cator, Karen; Liberman, Babe; Smith, Kim; Young, Viki (Digital Promise, 2019-11-06)
    This paper starts from the premise that missing from existing education R&D is a radical commitment to equity. The paper presents Inclusive Innovation, a model that reimagines authority, decision-making, and risk in the ...
  • Coenraad, Merijke; Hodge, Malliron; Ruiz, Pati; Mills, Kelly; Burke, Quinn (Center for Inclusive Innovation, Digital Promise, 2021)
    This interview protocol includes five steps to conduct an empathy interview. In the Empathize Phase of designing an inclusive computing pathway, empathy interviews are conducted. Empathy interviews allow you to hear the ...
  • Gold, Thomas (Digital Promise, 2021-01)
    To address the inequities in the teaching workforce and the importance of ensuring all students experience learning from diverse teacher perspectives, Digital Promise launched an initiative to engage teachers of color in ...



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