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Certifying Competencies and Skills with Micro-credentials in a Global Context
(Digital Promise, 2023-06) Rita Fennelly-Atkinson; April Williamson
In this session, we introduced our platform of competency-based micro-credentials for educators (, as well as resources and best practices to support using micro-credentials to meet a variety of adult learner needs across K-12 education, higher education, and workforce contexts. We provided examples of how educational institutions can leverage micro-credentials to recognize and incentivize the implementation of quality pedagogical strategies in any learning environment. In addition, we shared an overview of Digital Promise's global education work, including a case study of how micro-credentials will be leveraged in our blended learning pilot in Haiti, and examined options for using, adapting, and developing micro-credentials in a variety of global contexts.
Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Engineering: Linking Home and School Learning for Young Learners
(Digital Promise, 2024-04) Ximena Dominguez; Regan Vidiksis; Tiffany Leones; Danae Kamdar; Ashley Lewis Presser; Marcia Bueno; Jillian Orr
This report describes the co-design of a preschool science program, Early Science with Nico & NorⓇ, with partner teachers and families, curricula and media developers at GBH, and Digital Promise and EDC researchers. It also summarizes findings from a field study to understand how teachers and families utilized the resources at school and home to promote STEM teaching and learning.
Nico & Nor Family Flyer
(Digital Promise, 2023-04) Digital Promise; Education Development Center (EDC); WGBH Educational Foundation (GBH)
This family flyer shares about the First 8 Studios resource, Early Science with Nico & NorⓇ, which is a preschool science program co-designed with partner teachers and families, curricula and media developers at GBH, and Digital Promise and EDC researchers. It also describes findings from our research study. The flyer is available in English and Spanish.
Centering Wellbeing: Advancing Social Emotional Learning for All
(Digital Promise, 2023-04) Christina A. Russell, Policy Studies Associates, Inc.
The Working Group on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Learning Differences was launched in 2021 as an initiative of the Global Cities Education Network (GCEN). Fourteen school districts each worked to implement a unique action plan designed to strengthen SEL supports in their district, including for students with learning differences. Districts drew on expertise and resources shared in the working group and adapted the strategies to meet their needs. The learning centered on deep dives into two international school systems: a virtual site visit to Surrey Schools (British Columbia, Canada) and an in-person convening in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). This report features four case studies and shares lessons learned and strategies implemented by the districts.
Breaking With the Past: Embracing Digital Transformation in Education
(Digital Promise, 2023-04) Jean-Claude Brizard
Today's businesses know that driving innovation is integral to succeeding not just in the present, but more importantly in the decades to come. Through the years, the innovation of digital technologies has transformed entire industries. Now it’s time to put those technologies to use and apply that same mentality to transform our schools. We need digital transformation of teaching and learning at scale across the United States. This report examines how the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning compares to more learner-centered, personalized frameworks; why we need to transition to them at scale; and how digital technologies can enable that scaling.