Inclusive Design Principles for Learning and Employment Records: Co-Designing for Equity

Learning and Employment Records (LERs) require careful, deliberate design to ensure that workers benefit from their adoption and use. If designed without the inclusion of individuals who are most marginalized in the workforce, LERs could reproduce existing inequities in the talent pipeline. Digital Promise collaborated with workers in frontline sectors— along with leaders in higher education, design, and technology—to explore how LERs could be designed to promote greater equity in the emerging skills-based economy. The result is a set of worker-generated inclusive design principles and user profiles for LER technology developers. This report outlines the process for creating the principles and profiles for LERs, as well as key learnings and implications for future work.
learning and employment records (LERs), skills-based economy, equity, workforce, technology development, developers, adult learners, frontline workers, inclusive design