360 Filmmakers Challenge Key Findings from the Fall 2016 Program

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The 360 Filmmakers Challenge engages young people to produce 360° films that make an impact. As part of the Oculus VR for Good initiative, the program aims to inspire the next generation of virtual reality (VR) creators and build student skills and confidence as producers with emerging technology. More broadly, the program takes aim at closing the Digital Learning Gap, recognizing that schools need more than just equitable access to technology — all students need opportunities to engage in active, creative uses of technology that support lifelong learning.
This report explores the potential of the 360 Filmmakers Challenge to enable student learning and growth. Key findings from our documentation effort in Fall 2016 suggest that in creating 360° video stories, students can learn about the production process, develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, and perspective-taking, and discover new career possibilities and passions. In addition, our documentation supports the idea that authentic project prompts and a real-world audience can boost students’ motivation, persistence, and pride.
immersive media, maker learning