Implementing and scaling Differentiated Literacy System: A case of evaluators’ voices channeling outside-in and bottom-up perspectives for equity and continuous improvement

Digital Promise is supporting the implementation and scaling of Differentiated Literacy System (DLS), a tool and instructional coaching for K–3 teachers to meet individual students’ literacy needs. Based on interviews with over 200 teachers, principals, and district leaders, we bring forward our voices as evaluators by highlighting uncomfortable truths that lie at the crux of DLS’ desired impact on education. We place primacy on teachers’ “bottom-up” perspectives as those charged with creating instructional change. With a continuous improvement stance, we go beyond reporting findings to draw clear and actionable implications for DLS. The summary below presents key findings and recommendations that focus on organizational policies, structures, and practices to better support DLS and improve consistency in service quality for schools.
literacy, early literacy, small group instruction, differentiation, continuous improvement, online assessment, coaching, virtual coaching, evaluation, scale, professional learning