Practitioners at the Center, Part II: Reflections on Practitioners’ Engagement with the SEERNet Hub

SEERNet, a network of Digital Learning Platforms, researchers, and practitioners with the vision to leverage DLPs as research infrastructure, is committed to valuing practitioners' insights and fostering a culture of collaboration among all three parties. Towards this end, SEERNet has implemented two strategies: Office Hours and a practitioner advisory board. Through these strategies, valuable lessons have emerged about recruitment strategies, challenges and complexities of the classroom, educators as content and context experts, the difference between buy-in and ownership, considerations for experimental research, and more. We hope that researchers will take into consideration what we learned from our experiences as they design and implement their own studies, and regardless of whether or not the DLP requires researchers to directly engage with educators in data collection, we hope that researchers will see the value of practitioners' lived experiences and engage them in feedback loops from design to implementation to dissemination.